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All the instructors of our school are both instructors and marine guides certified by “Sottocosta”, the Italian association for the culture and development of the sea kayak recognised by the FICT (Federazione Italiana Canoa Turistica) as well as by the FICK (Federazione Italiana Canoa kayak). With years of experience behind them they will guide you through the notions and techniques of propulsion, security and all manoeuvres specific to the sea kayak. The results you will obtain, in a harmonious and stress free environment, will depend on your commitment and on our instructors who have the task to transmit to you their passion for the kayak and their love of the sea.

Federico Federico Ferendeles
Instructor, marine guide of Sottocosta and sea kayak teacher (FICK)
He has deep passion for the sea and has been travelling the Mediterranean since he was six months old. Since his first climbing in a kayak, he has not wanted to disembark anymore, so we have had to welcome him on our team. He is a Sottocosta instructor and marine guide. He was in charge of the Sea Kayak Italy centre in the archipelago of the Maddalena, in the North of Sardinia from 2003 to 2005. He has a great experience in instructing and guiding groups on the sea. He works among book and has the largest collection of books on sea kayaking in Italy. He loves costal camping, Caprera and the acoustic guitar.
Ugo Ugo Paggi
Instructor, marine guide of Sottocosta and sea kayak teacher (FICK)
The sea his passion - after a long dinghy sailing experience he has passed to the sea kayak, with many long range sea excursions. In his teachings he also makes use of his ten year experience as a swimming instructor.
Alberto Alberto Baldazzi
Sottocosta instuctor and sea kayak teacher (FICK)
He loves water sports, ranging from swimming, diving, paddleboard and, of course, sea kayak. He practices, without interruptions during the winter season, sea kayak. Activity that he started when he was a child.
Alberto Alberto Ruggieri
Sottocosta instuctor and sea kayak teacher (FICT)
He lives nearby the seaside and cannot stay away from his kayak for more than one week: thus, he's able to practice kayak all year long. He's keen on surf kayak and balances having fun with long range sea excursions and playing in wild water.